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Due to limited availability and supply issues Waltco parts are no longer available for purchase directly through our site. To place an order for Waltco parts or to check availability please contact us at 214-774-4668 or email [email protected].
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DT Series (461, 462, 463)

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Waltco's website references the MDL Series Parts Manual as the parts manual for this model.

(Please note that your liftgate generation may not be the same as the manual shown below & should be used strictly as a reference.
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Waltco Pump Complete, 2400 PSI, 14' Reservoir (Old PN: D-20848){ DB-1436 [20717]}
Part # : 43020848
Contact Us For Current Availability - [email protected]
Waltco High Pressure Hose
Part # : U10044
Contact Us For Current Availability - [email protected]
Waltco Runner Assembly Passenger Side
Part # : 44316729
Contact Us For Current Availability - [email protected]
Waltco Tubing(sold per foot)
Part # : 82021059
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