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ILF Series

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Interlift Wheel; Nylon-Black Assy (100MM
Part # : P-2003774
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Interlift Contact Block, Turn Switch, ILK+
Part # : P-2007457
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Interlift Hose Clamp, 9-10
Part # : EZ7230
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Interlift Bushing 28MM ID X 32MM OD, 31MM (OLD PN: P-1403367)
Part # : ELG1039
In Stock
Interlift Bolt, M8X1.25X16, Pin Lock (OLD PN: P-2009212)
Part # : ES1451
In Stock
Interlift Rubber Snubber Assy ILFS/ILF
Part # : P-1128624
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Interlift Hose Set
Part # : P-1303233
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Interlift M-Board PC Kit, Plus, ILK/ILUK/ILF (REPLACES P-2007193)
Part # : P-2029091A
In Stock
Interlift Rubber Cover Complete w/ Hinge, CS (Old PN: P-2007474)
Part # : P-2036200
In Stock
Interlift Tilt Cylinder, RS, ILF 40.28.844
Part # : P-1408236
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Interlift 6 Wire Cable, Control Box
Part # : P-2007295
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Interlift Interlock Kit, C/S Alu. Latch
Part # : P-1409347A
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